Food Security & Livelihoods

Due to economic collapse, a loss of jobs and livelihoods as well as soaring food prices, 20 million people in Yemen are food insecure, including nearly 10 million who are suffering from extreme levels of hunger. An estimated 7.4 million people are malnourished or at risk of malnourishment, including 2 million children under five and 1.1 million pregnant and breastfeeding women and girls.

CARE works to enhance the food security and nutritional status of Yemeni families, including those displaced by conflict who are especially vulnerable. We reach over a million people a month through our food security and livelihoods programmes. We provide cash and food to conflict-affected households and those most in need, enabling them to meet their basic and immediate needs and restoring their dignity.

Through cash-for-work projects we support communities to construct and rehabilitate key structures like schools, wells and roads. Participants receive cash in return for their work

We implement livelihoods programmes with the aim of enhancing self-sustainability and income generation.

This involves training in agricultural skills, provision of seeds and tools, and linking farmers with traders; as well as provision of livestock and training in livestock rearing.

We establish Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLAs), with the aim of providing small loans to poor rural people. VSLAs empower communities – particularly women – to sustainably access financial services

CARE is a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty.


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