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CARE calls on Security Council members to prioritize peace for Yemen

On the eve of the UN General Assembly, CARE calls on UN Security Council members to do everything in their power to secure a lasting and inclusive peace for Yemen.

“Yemen is now at very real risk of entering a seventh year of war,” says Aaron Brent, CARE Yemen Country Director. “And the worst thing is that people – most tragically children – have become used to this situation. They are used to a constant state of conflict; it is their normal. But we must not allow this to be their normal.”


The deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Yemen throughout 2020 is the result of economic collapse linked to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as a lack of donor funding, extreme weather conditions and intensified fighting particularly in and around Marib. More international funding is essential to help save and rebuild lives and provide basic services, which are critically lacking.


“The impact of this war is truly staggering, especially regarding food and water – the absolute basics of life,” says Brent. “A third of the population is said to be at risk of famine, and two thirds are in need of water and sanitation. Malnutrition and disease are everywhere, as witnessed by our dedicated field teams. CARE is especially concerned about the impacts of the humanitarian crisis on women and girls – particularly the lack of reproductive health services, and increased vulnerability due to displacement and a lack of adequate shelter and hygiene facilities.


“CARE and other operational humanitarian organisations in Yemen have stated repeatedly that this war must end. UN Security Council members have a moral imperative to use the 75th General Assembly to demonstrate that peace in Yemen is their absolute number one priority.”

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