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Earning a living in difficult times

Two men standing in a small market

Mohammed Qaid is a 45-year-old father of two living in Al Dafde village in Al Dhale governorate of Yemen. He was well known in his village as a daily labourer. “I was only ten when my father passed away. I suddenly became the breadwinner of the family and I took the full responsibility to feed my mother and siblings. I dropped out of school and worked as a labourer in different places for 30 years.”

When the war started everything became more difficult and complicated for Mohammed and many other Yemenis who are facing the harsh reality of an economy in decline and a lack of income.

Over four years of war in Yemen have devastated the country and left 80% of the population – over 24 million people – in need of humanitarian assistance, including 14.3 million who are in acute need.

When CARE came to his village as part of a Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF)-funded programme, Mohammed used the opportunity to make a change in his life. He decided to save money from the monthly cash for work assistance that he received. He says: “My savings helped me to set up a fruit and vegetable shop. I asked for a loan from the suppliers and agreed to pay them on a daily basis from my sales. I didn’t expect my idea would be so successful in such a short period of time.”

Mohammed is now earning double his daily labourer income from his roadside vegetable shop and has paid off all his debts. “I am not worried anymore about sending my two little boys to school next year,” he says. “This is really a blessing from CARE, and I thank all the donors for helping me and making me a shop owner.”

A man standing in a small booth
Mohammed in his shop
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