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Our roof was our refuge

A man and a girl standing outside of a building

Ali and his daughter standing next to their house

Ali and his daughter standing next to their house

Yemen was hit by huge flash floods after heavy rains in April 2020. The floods led to casualties, fatalities, and damage to infrastructure and properties. A tropical storm also hit the country’s southern coast, causing devastating damage in both Aden and Lahj governorates. All of Aden’s districts were affected, but Seera and Almua’ala districts were the worst affected.

In Aden, health authorities reported the deaths of many people, including four children, while many were missing. In Crater district, a family of four tragically died together under their collapsed house. There was widespread damage to private and public properties, including vehicles, food stocks and basic services.

Ali Saleh, a 56-year-old father, lives with his five children in Crater district. “The impact of the two cyclones that hit Aden this year was overwhelming and unprecedented,” he says. “The storms caused flash floods and the destruction of many houses, cars, and roads. These disasters reveal how fragile our situation is.”

Ali’s family spent a terrifying night when floodwater came down from surrounding mountains and hit their house. The water smashed one room and swept away all the furniture in the house. The family fled to the roof to escape the water. Ali lost all his possessions, including important documents and electrical appliances.

Days later, Ali and his family received cash assistance from CARE’s flood emergency response. With funding from START Fund, the response provided cash assistance of 65,000 Yemeni Rials per household for 631 families to buy essentials and help them to repair their damaged houses.

In partnership with the local council and the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in Aden, CARE intensified efforts to alleviate people’s suffering by providing waste containers as well as bulldozers and water displacement mechanisms.
“Despite all the challenges,” says Ali, “I am determined to overcome everything to provide a beautiful future for my family. The project gave me the motivation to continue and never give up, so I’m working hard to repair the destroyed parts of my home and increase my income.”

A man standing next to a stone wall
Ali points to parts of his house that were recently repaired using CARE’s cash assistance
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