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Returning to a more stable life

A man standing with two young boys

Hassan Mohamed Saeed standing with his two sons in front of their house

Hassan Mohamed Saeed standing with his two sons in front of their house

“When you are a father of two and the only provider for a family of nine members, the way you feel at the time of collecting honey feels like waiting for your new baby to come into the world,” says Hassan Mohamed Saeed from Lahj governorate, who before the war was a farmer and beekeeper.

When the conflict escalated in Yemen in 2015, life became much more complicated for Hassan and his family. Hassan had to sell his livestock at the lowest prices and do farm work for a small daily wage that was barely enough to meet the basic needs of his family.

A man standing in a stone area
Hassan proudly shows the honey produced from one of his beehives

“Agriculture and beekeeping is my profession,” he says. “But I left farming and abandoned my field after the war erupted due to the increased costs of agriculture. My income became unstable and we used to eat only one meal a day. I had to borrow money from my friends and neighbours to buy food. The standard of living declined and we faced difficult times.”

Thankfully for Hassan, CARE intervened with its Yemen Emergency Food Assistance Project. The project supported 3,165 households with safe access to food, and strengthened the resilience of displaced people and host communities by creating a new and simplified temporary local economy to meet local needs.

Hassan was able to return to a more stable life. He and his family found a glimmer of hope to end family hunger and improve their standard of living. “Now, we eat three meals a day,” he says. “My little child was malnourished, but his health has improved a lot.”

Hassan was able to buy 25 beehives after saving money from his daily work. “I expect my honey production will be the best in the next season. I’m sure it will bring good money to help me provide food and other supplies for my family. I plan to buy ten more beehives in the near future,” he concludes with a smile.

A man standing next to a wooden structure
Hassan visiting his beehives
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