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Sewing makes the future bright

A woman sewing on a sewing machine

Marwan’s wife using her sewing machine

Marwan’s wife using her sewing machine

The Yemen conflict has led to a humanitarian disaster, with enormous economic losses, a reversal in human development and widespread displacement and suffering. Food prices are at a record high, making it very difficult for many people to buy basics like rice, oil and beans. This is especially true for the poorest families and those who have been displaced.

Marwan Ali Saleh Hussein is a young man living in Al Hamra village, Al Azariq district of Al Dhale governorate in southern Yemen. His area is one of the most deprived in Al Dhale, and Marwan – like many young people – has not been able to find any work. As a result he feels sadness and despair, especially because he is the sole provider for a large family consisting of eight people.

However, when CARE intervened with funding from the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Marwan’s fortunes changed. He began to see that his future may be brighter than he had thought.

Marwan received monthly cash assistance from CARE, which enabled him to buy food for his whole family. In addition, he managed to save some money from the monthly payments, and was able to buy a sewing machine for his wife. She now makes clothes which she sells to provide a steady source of income for the family.

“I was dreaming of having a sewing machine,” she said. “And then the help came from heaven to achieve my dream.”

A woman sewing clothes on a sewing machine
Marwan’s wife sorting her material before using the sewing machine

She is working in their village making jalabiya (traditional Yemeni dress), as well as women’s dresses and simple children’s clothes. She has many customers in the village, and her husband is proud of the economic empowerment she has achieved.

“After the work of my wife, I came to believe more in the role of women in society,” said Marwan, when asked about the impact of the project on local communities – especially women. “I hope the project will continue in our village because there are many families who have dreams like ours.”

A man sitting at a table with a sewing machine
Marwan sitting next to the sewing machine his wife was able to buy with the money they received from CARE
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