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Thank you for returning the joy to our house

A man and two children standing in a tent

Ibrahim in his house with two of his children

Ibrahim in his house with two of his children

Ibrahim Aqal is a father of two. He is sixty years old and lives in Al Hartha village in Al Maglaf district of Hodeidah. He tells us his story.

“Al Hartha is my hometown, the place where I was born and raised. It is a beautiful village surrounded by forests and farms. I used to work as a farmer and finding a job was very easy. I received a good income which was enough for everything I needed to buy for my family. Then the war started.

“Everything changed. The farm-owners could not afford the high prices for water trucks, which meant that the land became dry and could not be cultivated. I and most of the other farmers were forced to stay home and we lost our source of income.”

For almost four years the Yemeni people have continued to bear the brunt of ongoing hostilities and severe economic decline. The economy has contracted sharply since the conflict started. The livelihoods of 1.7 million rural households dependent on agricultural production have deteriorated or been destroyed. Of a population of 29 million, 24 million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance and 20 million are food insecure.

Responding to the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, CARE is one of four international NGOs working in a consortium funded by the UK Department for International Development. CARE is helping vulnerable people like Ibrahim to survive the brutality of war.

“I was registered by CARE in their unconditional cash project,” says Ibrahim. “I wait for the day that I receive the money so I can buy food for my family as well as the medicine we need.  After receiving cash from CARE I was able to repay all my debts.

“Last Eid was completely different for me and my family compared to previous years of the war. I was able to buy my children clothes, to make them happy. Their happiness brought so much joy to my heart. Thank you CARE for your support and thank you for returning the joy to our house.”


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