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The best life in future

A man feeding a group of sheep

Hussain feeding his sheep

Hussain feeding his sheep

The war in Yemen has been ongoing for five years, leaving over 24 million Yemenis in need of humanitarian assistance. Millions have lost jobs and income. In Hodeidah governorate on Yemen’s west coast numerous factories and companies have been closed affecting lives and livelihoods. Thousands have been left jobless and in severe need of food and medication.

Hussain Dhahab is a 43-year-old father of five children living in a small village in Al-Mighlaf district of Hodeidah. He is the sole provider for his family and has faced the same challenges as many Yemenis.

“I used to work as a daily labourer to afford the basics for my family,” he says. “Now, some days I work and others I don’t. It is difficult for me as a father to see my children needing essential things and being unable to provide them. That really hurts my heart and makes me feel broken from inside.”

Due the worsening situation, Hussain started thinking about how to have a sustainable income. He says: “When I’m among animals I feel thrilled because it is my dream to have a farm where I can raise livestock. I think having livestock is the best solution for income because I can increase the numbers of animals and sell them and their products in future.”

With funding from the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), CARE intervened with its Multisector Humanitarian Response Programme (MHRP). CARE distributed cash assistance to people who are affected by the conflict.

A man standing in front of trees

Hussain was one of the participants of the MHRP project which has given hope to people and has helped to meet their food, water, and medicine needs as well as allowing them to live in dignity. Hussain received five rounds of cash assistance, and was able to save some money for the future. “I bought two sheep and their lambs to feel safe and protected in future when circumstances, are difficult. Mainly I will depend on them to be my sustainable income in the future.”

After this achievement, Hussain is more encouraged to finish building his house, latrine and a wall around the house to protect his family and his livestock from danger. He concludes: “As well as all this I hope to send my children to school to study and to have the best life in future.”

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