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My old dream has come true

A man , an old lady and a young boy sitting on a bed in a room

Zaid with his mother and one of his children

Zaid with his mother and one of his children

Zaid is a 35-year-old father of five. Zaid lives in Kua’aydnah district in Hajjah governorate in the north of Yemen in the small village of Alhadba/Bani Wahan. Previously, Zaid worked as a daily labourer, which he says “was my only source of income allowing me to purchase basic foods for my family, but after the war started in Yemen it became extremely difficult to find work.”

Escalating conflict and ongoing war since March 2015 has created a vast protracted crisis in Yemen which has led to a collapse in the country’s infrastructure and economy, leaving 24 million people in need of assistance and protection. Parents cannot afford basic things for their children and find themselves trapped in unemployment with a lack of food and clean water.

Responding to the dire humanitarian situation, with generous funding from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs CARE helps household like Zaid’s to survive and to improve access to essential goods through cash transfers and the provision of female goats.

“When CARE came to my area, I was one of the households who was registered in the project to receive three female goats and an unconditional cash transfer,” says Zaid. “I also received animal husbandry support during and after the livestock distribution,” says Zaid. “Today I have 6 goats because each female goat has given birth.”

A man and kids with goats
Zaid with his children and goats

Zaid and his children expressed their deep happiness on receiving CARE’s assistance – the goats help them to generate their own income. Zaid has built a beautiful tent for his goats.

“After CARE provided me the cash assistance and the goats our life is much better than before. With the cash we received we can now afford food for the family. Additionally, we have milk from the goats and I have sold one of the new goats,” adds Zaid.

“CARE has made us feel that we have been given a new chance to survive, and I’m no longer worried about how I can feed my family. I’m very happy that my old dream has come true and that I now have a source of income.”

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